SONCAP Certification

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has implemented a strict set of guidelines for exports to Nigeria called the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP). This program was introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria to address the concern of unsafe products entering the country and to protect the health and safety of Nigerian consumers.

SONCAP verifies the conformity of all products exported to Nigeria except following:

Food Products
Drugs (Medicines)
Medical products (other than equipment and machines) 
Chemicals used as raw material by bonafied manufacturers
Military ware and equipment 
Goods classified as contraband by the federal government of Nigeria
Used products other than automobiles

SONCAP is a pre-shipment verification of conformity to Standards process used to verify that products to be imported into Nigeria are in conformity with the applicable NIS or approved equivalents, and technical regulations before shipment. SONCAP Certificate (SC) is a mandatory document used by the Nigerian Customs Services for clearance of goods going to Nigeria.

Every consignment of regulated products should have following two documents:

Product Certificate (PC), either unregistered, registered or licensed
SONCAP Certificate (SC)

CDG helps you in product conformity assessments against Nigeria's SONCAP requirements, enabling you to export products and protecting consumers. 

There are three routes of certification which are as follows: 

Route A for exporters with infrequent shipments (unregistered & unlicensed products)
Route B for exporters with regular shipments (registered products)
Route C for manufacturers with regular and high volume shipments (licensed products)

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