Ghana CTN Certification

All forms of cargo that are shipped to Ghana are required to have a CTN or Cargo Tracking Note (Number). This is a compulsory certificate that will clear the cargo at its target destination. To ensure your shipments arrive at its target destination without delays or penalties, the Ghana CTN certificate is a must. We help you to obtain Ghana CTN certification to ensure successful transport solutions. The CTN requirement was implemented by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in 2018, obliging all Exporters / Freight Forwarders to obtain this certificate for each shipment before they touch Ghana ports.

What is CTN?

Ghana CTN certification is an authorized loading document that is required by Ghana authorities concerning shipments. The purpose of the Ghana CTN certificate is to provide details concerning the movement of your shipped cargo, including information while in transit. Ghana authorities must be provided the document before the cargo arrives at its port. This will ensure a smooth process as goods can be cleared once it reaches customs. All shipment and customs officials must have receipt of the CTN before the shipment is scheduled to arrive. 

Why Ghana CTN is Needed

The Ghana CTN certificate aims to reliably monitor shipments that are imported and exported to Ghana borders. Through the assessment of cargo arrival and movement, the CTN supports risk management and tracking services. As Ghana custom request notification about shipments before entering the country, the Ghana CTN certification can provide the necessary details for customs purposes.

With a Ghana CTN certificate, Customs Officials can learn of the importer and exporter information, the freight value, travel routes, and type of goods transported. The documents must be submitted before delivery.

The waiver is an important part of security processes. Authorities can determine where the shipment has come from and what it entails. With a Ghana CTN certificate, shippers can prevent delays and the issue of high fines.

What is the Process for Obtaining a CTN?

A Ghana CTN certificate can be applied for online. To receive Ghana CTN certification, the following documents must be submitted: 

  • List of Packaged Cargo
  • Bill of Lading
  • Freight Invoice
  • Export Declaration
  • Commercial Invoice

Where the value of the cargo is stipulated on the commercial invoice, the freight invoice will not have to be issued. It is imperative that a temporary Bill of Lading is submitted to the CTN issuer as the CTN number must be printed onto the Bill of Lading.

All companies that are required to comply with the regulation of customs law must provide a CTN. Failure to do so will result in high penalties and charges, including delays in the import of goods.

To obtain a Ghana CTN certificate, we can assist in assuring your compliance & getting the certificate issued. Simply contact us with the relevant details and ensure that your freight arrives on time and without the issue of penalties.

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