The Ministry of Trade and Industry – General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOIEC) has mandated a verification of conformity (VOC) program for Egypt (decree 43 2016) enforcible starting March 16, 2016. Based on this decree, exporters of regulated products are to provide proof of the following before their goods enter the Arab Republic of Egypt: company registration with GOIEC and shipment conformity (certificate of conformity).
Egypt COC/GOEIC certificate is a mandatory document which is necessary for Customs clearance of exports and imports to many countries around the globe. GOEIC stands for General Organization for Export and Import Control in Egypt while COC stands for Certificate of Conformity.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, trademark owners, distributors, and manufacturers of regulated products need to have Egypt’s GOEIC clearance certificate in other to export to Egypt.

The Egyptian Government initially obligated distributors, and manufacturers of leather and textile products to register with the General Organization for Export & Import Control (GOEIC). However, the list of products covered by the GOEIC was expanded among general changes to the customs clearance procedures by the Egyptian Ministry of Trade & Industry in 2016. This means that you need to register your products with GOEIC in order to continue export to Egypt.

The project subjected to the COC verification program includes Food, Textiles, Shoes, Leather bags, Cosmetics, hygiene products, Detergents, Construction Materials, Carpets, and floor coverings, Furniture, Kitchenware, Electric & electronic products, Bicycles & motorcycles, Toys, and Watches. The Egyptian custom officers delay the clearance of your goods for days or return your shipment when you fail to get the COC certificate.


Initially the Products were limited to Leather and Textiles. In 2016, the list of products were expandedto include Food, Electric & Electronic Products among others.

Without the clearance certificate, the customs shall reject the products. With the certificate from an approved Organization, the products shall be cleared at Customs and have immediate clearance.

EGYPT CoC Assessment Process
Issuance of Clearance Certificate includes the following:

Documentary verification
Product testing
Physical inspection of goods

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