AEO Registration

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Scheme, adopted by several countries across the globe, is a World Customs Organization initiative towards Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade or SAFE Framework. AEO Scheme is being implemented by ‘DGICCE’, with an Additional Director General as the AEO Scheme manager and implementation of pilot proposals is commenced from 15 September 2011.

Eligibility  Criteria for AEO Registration

Any organization which is involved in the international supply chain and undertaking Customs related activity in India is eligible to apply for AEO status (irrespective of the size of the business). Type of organization includes exporters, importers, manufactures, warehouse owners, logistic providers, carriers, freight forwarders and Customs House Agents (including port operators, authorized couriers). To obtain AEO status, an organization needs to be registered with the Registrar of Companies and should be in the business for 3 years at least. AEO status would be specific for a particular legal entity and would cover all locations od that entity.

CDG helps you out in each step of AEO registration right from making application for AEO registration till getting AEO registered status. CDG is a pioneer company for AEO registration in India.

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