SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate

New SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate requirements has become mandatory for certain products from 1st August 2018. The list affects a wide range of products, including laptops and lighting luminaries, all of which are now required to hold an IECEE Recognition Certificate for shipment clearance at KSA Customs Ports and Borders along with the SASO Certificate of Conformity (CoC).
Few common products which require ‘SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate’ are as follows:-

Mobile devices: - Currently mandatory under the IECEE Program   
Mobile phone chargers and its parts: - Currently mandatory under the IECEE Program                          
Batteries (mobile phones): -  Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018                                                    
Dishwashers: - Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018                                                            
Televisions: - Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018                                                              
Water pumps: - Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018
Lighting luminaries: - Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018    
Laptops and tablets: - Mandatory as of the 1st August 2018  
Water Heaters: - Mandatory as of the 5th July 2018
Electronic Watches: -  Mandatory from August 2018
Solar Energy systems

SASO will issue an IECEE Recognition Certificate for the products listed above based on a valid CB test Report issued by an IECEE approved lab. CDG can provide the testing solutions to demonstrate compliance with the new standards and energy labelling requirements, offering one-stop service that helps enterprises achieve registration and certification to quickly access the target market. Our global network and expertise also provide professional testing services, helping you to strengthen sustainable competences.

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