ISO 17712 Certification

ISO 17712 is a certification standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that pertains to the security of cargo containers in international transportation. The standard outlines specific requirements for mechanical security seals used to secure container doors and ensure that they have not tampered with.

ISO 17712 Certification Services: Secure Your Supply Chain

In today's global marketplace, supply chain security has become a top priority for businesses around the world. The threat of cargo theft, tampering, and other forms of supply chain disruption has never been higher. That's why many companies are turning to ISO 17712 certification services to protect their supply chains and ensure the safe transport of their goods.

What is ISO 17712 Certification?

ISO 17712 is an international standard that sets out requirements for security seals used on shipping containers. The standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in response to the growing threat of cargo theft and terrorism. ISO 17712 establishes uniform procedures for the classification, design, and testing of security seals to ensure they are tamper-evident, durable, and can withstand physical attacks.

Why Get ISO 17712 Certified?

Getting ISO 17712 certified demonstrates a company's commitment to supply chain security and helps to mitigate the risk of cargo theft and tampering. ISO 17712 certification services provide third-party verification that a company's security seals meet the rigorous requirements set out by the standard. This gives companies and their customer's peace of mind, knowing that their goods are secure and protected from the moment they leave the manufacturer until they reach their final destination.

ISO 17712 certification services can also help companies comply with various international security regulations, such as the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program in the United States and the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program in the European Union. Compliance with these programs can help companies expedite the clearance of their shipments through customs and reduce the likelihood of inspection or delay.

How to Get ISO 17712 Certified?

To get ISO 17712 certified, companies need to have their security seals tested and verified by an accredited third-party certification body. The certification process typically involves a series of tests to ensure that the seals meet the requirements of the standard. Once a company's seals have been certified, they can display the ISO 17712 certification mark on their seals, packaging, and shipping documents.

At CDG, we offer comprehensive ISO 17712 certification services to help companies secure their supply chains and protect their goods. Our experienced auditors will work with you to ensure that your security seals meet the requirements of the standard and provide you with the necessary documentation and support to achieve certification.


ISO 17712 certification is an essential step for any company looking to secure its supply chain and protect its goods from the growing threat of cargo theft and tampering. By getting ISO 17712 certified, companies can demonstrate their commitment to supply chain security, comply with international regulations, and provide their customers with peace of mind. At XYZ Certification Services, we're committed to helping companies achieve ISO 17712 certification and protect their supply chains. Contact us today to learn more about our certification services and how we can help you secure your supply chain.

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