Cruelty-Free Certification

Our habit of constant shopping can prove to be an element of change, especially when we are purchasing items for our top-shelf. What is our main concern while buying a beauty product? Our skin? How will it affect our skin? If we put a little bit of concern about cruelty-free, it can help change the narrative. In simple words, we should only buy those products that are not tested on animals in any step of their production or do not include any animal-derived ingredients. We should not support or buy from companies that “force substances into animals’ stomachs or apply products and formulations to a rabbit’s sensitive eyes and raw skin for every time they formulate a new cosmetic or personal care product. Such cosmetic experiments are banned in most countries since the introduction of modern testing methods.

“Cruelty-Free” or “Not tested on animals”. We see this statement quite a lot while shopping in the cosmetic section of a store. Such statements are written on the packages of many beauty products, and we believe in them when in truth, it’s a lie. Many companies use such false marketing tactics to increase their sales on false information and lies.

India paved the way for other countries in Asia by becoming the first country in the continent to ban this hideous act of experimenting on animals to check the validity of their cosmetic products, but only banning such products does not mean that they are not available in the market or that you are not stocking them in your shelves —thus the decision lies in the hands of consumers to boycott such products and instead invest their precious money where the safety of Earth and its living beings’ lies.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in product testing for cosmetics, personal care products, household cleaning products, and more.” Harsh irritants and chemicals are applied to their skin and eyes, and lethal fumes are forced into their lungs.

If we go back a few decades, the sustainability of the cosmetic industry lies in the trust of its consumers, hence forcing the chemists to test their inventions and their formulas on rabbits, rats, and other animals in labs to make sure that the product is not toxic or irritant in any way and are safe to use for humans.

Today, with the increasing awareness within people, the consumers striding towards self-education and the brands trying to find effective alternative ways to age-old methods, hence setting a tone for a new term called “Safe Beauty”.

Cruelty-free certifications highlight a company’s ethical values and take consumers into a trust that the products they are using are free of abuse towards animals.

Our company, CDG provides authentic cruelty-free certifications, also known as “Not tested on animals” certification to the manufacturers of drugs and cosmetics, validating their products that they are “vegans” and have not been tested on animals.

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