CE Marking

CE marking is a European conformity mark. CE marking on a product indicates that the product complies with the legal requirements of the European market. and the same can be sold within European Union. CE Marking ensures that a product meets a minimum safety standard and the product does not compromise public safety.
CE Marking is also applicable for manufacturers located outside European Union if they want to place their product in the European Union. CE Marking requirements are mentioned in different EU directives.
The European Commission refers to the CE Marking of products as a "passport" that can allow a manufacturer to freely circulate their products within the European marketplace. The marking applies only to products regulated by the European Commissions' health, safety, and environmental protection legislation (product directives). 
The actual CE Marking is the letters "CE" which a manufacturer affixes to certain products for access to the European market (consisting of 18 countries and also referred to as the European Economic Area or EEA). The letters "CE' are an abbreviation of the French phrase "Conformite Europeene". The marking indicates that the manufacturer has conformed with all the obligations required by the legislation. Initially, the phrase was "CE Mark": however, "CE Marking" was legislated as its replacement in 1993.


•    Decide Directive/s applicable
•    Identify Harmonized Standards
•    Ensure the product complies with essential requirements of Directive(s)
•    Identify whether an independent assessment or notified certificate is required
•    Maintain technical file
•    Prepare Declaration of Conformity
•    Affix CE Marking on product per Directive

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