UTZ Certification

UTZ Certified is a certification scheme started in 2002 which ensures global implementation of sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea crops. Utz Certified was initially known as Utz Kapeh until 2007. UTZ is a mainstream certification scheme which operates in the coffee, cocoa and tea sectors.

UTZ has developed an approval program and a label for sustainable farming worldwide. UTZ Program gives opportunity to farmers to learn best farming methods, improved working conditions and provide better care to their children and the environment.

UTZ certification gives trust to consumers that a product has been procured from farm & placed to shop in a sustainable way. To become UTZ certified, a UTZ supplier has to follow UTZ Code of Conducts. UTZ code of conduct is all about better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature. UTZ certification leads to better a production, a better environment and a better life for human being.

UTZ certified scheme has got global acceptance & demand in recent years. Beyond its core consumer base in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland Utz Certified has expanded to more than 50 countries, including India. CDG is a leading UTZ certification company & we have strategic tie-up with UTZ approved certification bodied to issue UTZ certificate in India & neighbouring countries.

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