RSPO Certification

When you need to get certification for any business or project, you need to be very sure you’re getting the right certificate and from a trusted source. One of the things people consume a lot in different countries of the world is palm oil; this is because oil palm or palm oil can be refined and used in many ways; either for food products or cosmetics. Sustainable Palm Oil means that palm oil is rightly refined and passed the global standards. Stakeholders and investors do invest in sustainable palm oil, and one of the ways you can assure them that you have or produce sustainable palm oil products is by getting the RSPO certification.

What is the RSPO Certification?

RSPO is the acronym for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO Certificate is being issued to people who handle or manage sustainable oil palm products. This certification is to ascertain the credibility of palm oil sustainability claims. If you own or produce RSPO-certified sustainable oil palm products, then, you really need to get the RSPO certificate; this will not only prove your credibility to investors and stakeholders but will place your company ahead of any competitor company that is yet to obtain this certificate.

The demand for sustainable palm oil is obviously on the increase and with the RSPO certification, you stand a better chance to sell out yours to potential companies and clients seeking sustainable palm oil.

RSPO Certification Services

There are quite a lot of companies that offer RSPO certificates to people; however, you really need to make sure that you’re getting the certificate from a valid source.

Interestingly, we provide RSPO certificates to the people of India and also people outside India. Thus, if you’re looking for RSPO Certification in India, we are here for you.

The increase in demand of well-refined and processed palm oil has urged many companies that produce palm oil products to seek RSPO Certification. But you must understand that not all companies that offer RSPO Certification Services are credible; you’re advised to carefully choose where you get your certificates from.

Who is eligible for RSPO Certification?

Any company that legally produces RSPO palm oil products is expected to get this certification. However, there are criteria for obtaining this certificate; it is not just given to anyone. Firstly, you must be a registered member RSPO community.

Benefits of getting RSPO certification

  1. With the increase in demand for RSPO certified oil, this certification will push your brand/company ahead of others who claim to produce sustainable palm oil but do not have RSPO certification.
  2. Stakeholders, patrons, or investors will see you as a credible company to do business with.
  3. You are seen as one of the people promoting RSPO’s global leadership in sustainable palm oil.
  4. You will get the RSPO trademark and this will increase your existing customers’ trust, as well as prove to new customers’ that you committed to offering accredited sustainable palm oil.

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