Global GAP Certification

The word GAP stands for “Good Agricultural Practice” – and GLOBALG.A.P. is the worldwide recognised standard which ensures that GAP is being followed by an organisation. The core component of GAP certification process is a food safety program for each farm, it includes well written SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and policies to address potential contamination issues including land, irrigation water, pesticides, manure use, equipment and worker health and hygiene. Basically GLOBALG.A.P. is world’s most prominent farm certification program which translates consumer needs into Good Agricultural Practice.

Global GAP is a voluntary standard for certification of agricultural produce worldwide. In a way Global GAP standard puts sustainability, food safety & environment in hands of farmers / growers. There are two options available in Global GAP certification which are as follows: -

Single Producer certification: In this a single farmer / farm is audited by Global GAP accredited certification body & Global GAP certificate is issued to that single farmer

Produce Group Certification: In this option a group of farmers / producer / farms can apply for a single collective certificate. All farmers in group will follow same QMS (quality management system). Random inspection of group members is done (on sample basis) by Global GAP approved certification body & a single Global GAP certificate is issued.

CDG has strategic tie up with Global GAP certification bodies to issue Global GAP certificate in India & Neighbouring countries.



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