ISO 18788:2015 Certification

What Is ISO 18788:2015 Certification?

ISO 18788:2015 certification provides a management system framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving security operations. It strongly supports the identification of your stakeholders, which includes staff members, customers, local communities, and subcontractors.

ISO 18788 is different from other standards, as its guiding ethos is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles of Business & Human Rights. ISO 18788 certification provides assurance to clients, communities, and governments. It provides credibility as a private security provider service, which demonstrates corporate governance from the board level to physical delivery. It enables you demonstrate to clients reliability, and penchant to improvement through opening up of operations to be regularly and continuously scrutinized.

Why is Security Operations Management System important?

The Importance of ISO 18788 is determined by the organization’s ability to identify the right legal and regulatory guidelines and to support functions as well as supply chain. The ISO18788 standard is appropriate for any kind of organization that conducts or contract security operations. With it, you can establish, implement, maintain, and improve a Security Operations Management System as well as assure that the organization has implemented effective management controls.

Additionally, it demonstrates the commitment of the organization to always provide the best services that meets the needs of customers, protect them, as well as the reputation of the organization while keeping with applicable laws and human rights requirements. By attending training courses and acquiring an ISO 18788 certificate, you gain the necessary knowledge and expertise required to support an organization in implementing and managing a Private Security Operations Management System (SOMS) as well as acquire the necessary skills for managing a security operations team.

Benefits of ISO 18788 Certification

There are several benefits ISO 18788 certification offers to organizations.

  • It provides reliability and establishes effective corporate governance.
  • Boost credibility and protects your reputation.
  • Ensures security organizations offer quality and high professionalism.
  • Ensures sustained customer improvements.
  • Lets customers, governments, and communities get more confidence.
  • Increases the potential of operational success.
  • Demonstrates law and respect for human rights.


How to Apply ISO 18788 Private Security Operations?

  1. First step is to submit the request for information (RFI)
  2. Followed by issuance of quotation
  3. Submission of application
  4. Stage 1 audit
  5. Stage 2 audit
  6. Recommendation and approval
  7. Issuance of Certificate
  8. Surveillance and recertification audit

CDG is The Expert In ISO 18788:2015 Certification Audit

Getting started with ISO 18788 certification audit is not difficult. CDG is an international certification body accredited to provide certification services for Private Security Company (PSC). CDG has helped many organizations to achieve ISO 18788 certification. What CDG provides is more than just a certificate. Our team of experienced auditors are internationally qualified, and their competency adds value and credibility to certificates. Whenever you are ready to get started, our team of experts will assist you through the process of implementing the best security operations practices in your organization.

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