ISO 17712 Testing & Inspection

What is ISO 17712?
ISO 17712 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 104, Freight containers.

ISO 17712 standard establishes uniform procedures for the classification, acceptance, and

withdrawal of mechanical freight container seals. It provides a single source of information on mechanical seals which are acceptable for securing freight containers in international commerce.

Classification of Security Seals

In terms of security seals are classified into three categories :
high-security seal
security seal
indicative seal

Based on construction a mechanical seal can be classified into the following categories:
wire seal, padlock seal, strap seal, cable seal, bolt seal, cinch seal & twist seal

Seals meeting the relevant criteria must be marked or stamped in a readily legible way to identify their classification as indicative (“I”), security (“S”), or high-security (“H”) seals.

ISO 17712 Testing

There are four physical test procedures: tensile, shear, bending, and impact. The impact procedure

is performed twice at different temperatures. Five samples shall be evaluated for each of the five tests. A total of 25 samples are needed to complete the testing necessary to classify a seal as indicative, security, or high security.

Prerequisite for ISO 17712
Seal manufacturers should have a well-implemented management system (ISO 9001 or equivalent) with all required procedures in place. Additional processes related to security seal should also be in place & properly implemented.

Who can do ISO 17712 certification
According to clause 6.1 of ISO 17712 standard only an ‘accredited (according to ISO/IEC 17020) process review organization’ will inspect the ‘Quality Operation Procedure’ of the seal manufacturer & issue a letter of conformity. The inspection agency should be specifically accredited to do inspection according to ISO 17712 standards.

According to clause 5.1.2 of the standard only an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory can conduct ISO 17712 test & the laboratory should be specifically accredited for conducting tests as per ISO 17712 standard.
CDG is an ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency & ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, please feel free to contact us for further details.

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