How to search your certificate on CDG website: To search your certificate, go to 'validate your certificate' tab on home page, click the tab, input all required fields, click on submit button, your certificate details will appear on your screen. If status is active it means your certificate is live, if status is suspended it means certification is temporally inactive and may lead to permanent cancellation if you don’t act on reason of suspension with in specified time. If status is cancelled it means your certification has been withdrawn and you are no longer authorised to use the certificate and certification mark.

NOTE: if your certificate is not appearing in CDG’s database please contact us immediately on This may happen sometimes due to technical issues. How to link to the CDG website : Some times companies wish to add a link to the CDG website on their website to help their visitors understand that their company is certified by CDG. This will give an authentication that your certificate is genuine. Please place CDG’s logo with hyperlink to CDG website (client register section). Your visitor would be able to go to CDG website and check validity of your certificate.