TIA 942 Certification

The ANSI/TIA-942 is a quality standard for data centers. TIA-942 standard has been developed by the “Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)”.  TIA 942 define necessary requirements for planning and establishing data centers, with special attention to cabling systems and network design. The standard deals with both copper and fibre optic media. The current version of this standard is known as ANSI/TIA-B: 2017

TIA 942 certification focuses on: -

Network architecture, Network access control and security, Electrical design, System redundancy, Database management, File storage, backup and archiving, Web hosting, Environmental control, Application hosting, Content distribution, Power management, Protection against physical hazards (fire, flood, windstorm etc)

There is a provision of rating levels (1 to 4). After completion of TIA audit, CDG provides TIA audit report (Non-Compliances) & a certificate indicating level of compliance. CDG has been providing TIA 942 auditing & TIA 942 certification services in India for last one decade. We are proud to be the first company to provide TIA 942 certification in India. We have probably the most experienced data centre auditors in India. Get your Data Center TIA-942 certified.

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