SEDEX - Suppliers Ethical Database Exchange is an association started by global organisations & trade associations. The main function of SEDEX is to develope social standard & ethical practices for organisations worldwide. SEDEX audit covers requirements related to workers & working conditions. This also includes requirements of ILO (International labour organisation) & other labour associations. After SEDEX audit your SEDEX audit findings / reuslt is uploaded on SEDEX website. This audit report can be accessed by members of SEDEX or any other party whome you want to provides access. SEDEX audit is system which decreases number of buyers audit in your organisation. CDG is the most trusted name worldwide for SEDEX compliance.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is an audit procedure which is a compilation of good practice in ethical audit technique. There are two types of SMETA Audit: SMETA 2 Pillar Audit & SMETA 4 Pillar Audit. CDG conducts SMETA audit which includes some or all of labour standards, health & safety, environment & business ethics. We use SMETA best practice version 6.0 (published in April 2017) to conduct audit of our clients.

What is 2-Pillar SMETA Audit ?
SMETA 2-Pillar audit includes following :  

ETI base code.
SMETA additions: universal rights covering UNGP, management systems and code implementation, responsible recruitment, entitlement to   work & immigration, sub-contracting and home working.

What is 4-Pillar SMETA Audit ?

SMETA 4-Pillar audit includes following:

All requirements of SMETA 2-Pillar audit.
Additional pillar assessment of “environment”
Additional pillar assessment of “business ethics”
The customer’s supplier code

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