SA8000 Certification

SA8000 is a social standard developed by SAI (Social Acountability International). SAI is a non governemental, not for profit organisation. SA8000 is an auditable social certification standard which persuades organizations worldwide to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace. SA8000 audit is based on 8 main parameters, which are : Child labour, Forced labour, Remuneration, Working Hours, Discrimination, Disciplinary Action, Freedom of Association & Collective Bargain, Management Commitment. SA8000 certificate describes your CSR & shows your concern towards your workers/employees & community. SA8000 certification process covers all your activities including outsourced process & hence this certification covers workers & working conditions within premices of your subcontractors. CDG is a trusted name in social complince services in India. Contact us for our SA8000 certification services.

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