Responsible Recycling Certification


What is the R2 Certification?

The Responsible Recycling certification or R2 certification is company level certification for regulating the disposal of electronic waste in a sustainable fashion.

The standard obliges certified companies to have and follow the policy on managing used and near-end electronics material, equipment and components based on approaches like reuse, energy recovery, materials and/or disposal.

The certification is a voluntary set of best practices for the electronic waste industry and requires the issuance of certification by third-party certifying bodies.


Process of Responsible Recycling Certification

R2 Certification takes a few months and begins with contacting a certifying body and scheduling your audits. Here is a quick guide to the process;

  • Fill out an application and get a quotation with terms and conditions.
  • An audit team will be assigned, and an auditing schedule will be provided.
  • Our company will review all the documentation, objectives, manual and targets to confirm that your documentations meet the standard requirements and willingness to move forward with the audit.
  • Processing of audit is the fourth step that will involve conducting an on-site review validating that your processes match the written system. (In case of any nonconformances from this stage, 90 days will be given to respond and show evidence of correction).
  • Now, (after our auditor closes any nonconformances), the certification committee will deliver a final review of the complete audit package, and you will receive a certificate for three years on approval.
  • Surveillance audits will be performed for reviewing a sample of your arrangement. They are obligatory one year from stage 2 dates and once every year from then on.
  • A recertification audit is required three months before the expiration of your certification to confirm continued compliance with the standard. The certification decision process will start again once when the confirmation is completed.


Benefits of R2 Certification 

In the present day, customers of electronic companies and recyclers demand proof of the proper environmental management, worker safety and health, and security issues. Therefore, following safer recycling and disposal of electronic waste is inevitable for your organization to distinguish itself as a responsible and preferred supplier.

Compliance with R2 certification is vital for securing federal contracts, to partake in corporate recycling opportunities and to meet state regulations.

Furthermore, Responsible Recycling certification assures that government agencies, businesses, and individuals can be confident that their electronic waste is being disposed of responsibly, ensuring a commitment to our planet.

R2 certificate also ensures environmental safety and health compliance assurance, increases consumer confidence and helps to enhance community relations. The certification also contributes to lifting insurance potential along with an increase in bottom-line via lower product costs and processing. R2 certification can also add to workforce benefits like reduced injury and accident frequency rates along with decreased short and long-term liabilities.


CDG’s Expertise In R2 Certification

CDG is a leading expert in the e-waste industry that ensures standards, quality and safety with years of environmental management experience. Our audits are performance based, while our rigorous auditor training and continuing evaluations guarantee audit consistency.

CDG standards ensure that our R2 certificate provides you with the transparency, quality, and environmental and social responsibility. So, let us help you earn Responsible Recycling certificate and make your organization a leader in responsible e-waste recycling.

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