NORSOK Certification

What is NORSOK? 

The Norwegian petroleum industry has developed the NORSOK S-006 Certificate standards to ensure the safety, added value and cost efficiency of developments and operations in the oil industry. Moreover, the NORS OK standards are intended, to the extent possible, to replace the specifications of the oil company and to serve as references in the regulations of the authorities.

In normal cases, NORSOK standards are based on internationally recognized standards and add the provisions that are considered necessary to meet the broad needs of the petroleum industry.

With the assistance of the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF), the Norwegian Industry Confederation, the Norwegian Shipowners Association and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the NORSOK specifications are established and published.

The Specifications Norway shall conform to the NORSOK S-006 assessment Principles and publish them. NORSOK S-006 Certificate edition 04 September 2011 is NORSOK's latest standard available for "Qualification of special material manufacturers.' NORSOK is assisted by NORSOK M630 version 06, October 2013 "Material information sheets (MOS) and piping component data sheets," which provides material requirements for use in piping systems for MDS ' compilation. The MDS can also be used with non-piping components, e.g. pressure vessels, pumps, strainer, etc.

History of NORSOK:

Officially, NORSOK reflects the "Norsk Sokkels Konkurranseposisjon" which implies a competitive position on the Norwegian shelf that came into effect in 1994. At the moment, further rules and regulations were expected that had not already been met. The general guidelines on oil and gas in the onshore and offshore sectors are now based on NORSOK, ISO, IMO FTP software and SOLAS 74 requirements.

The specifications describe how to achieve the most effective and efficient architecture, construction, production and many more technical targets for the oil and gas industry.


To ensure safety, the value-added and the cost efficiency of production and operations in the petroleum industry, the Norwegian petroleum industry is implementing the NORSOK standards. As much as necessary, NORSOK specifications will substitute the requirement of oil companies and be included in the legislation of the authorities.

Although NORSOK is a norm in Norway, it is still applicable to systems in many parts of the world. In a foreign implementation, NORSOK principles are one of the most commonly recognized and established. NORSOK standards form the basis for fire protection and blast protection regulations, together with the ISO, IMO FTP code and SOLAS 74 standards. For doors, wall systems and windows, NORSOK standards are applicable.

As a buyer seeking NORSOK qualified materials, they are looking for manufacturers with established connections to end-users in the petroleum industry that are qualified by reputable companies. Ensuring that the qualifications for the products to be purchased are current and applicable.

A professional manufacturer with a committed production and technical department knows the precise details of NORSOKM-650 and s006. When the criteria are fully understood, the processes and procedures required to produce NORSOK certified goods are enforced by highly qualified employees.

CGD's expertise in NORSOK audit:

CDG is a leading name in health & safety certification worldwide. We provide certification & training for many international health & safety standards like : OHSAS 18001, ISO 450001, NORSOK etc. We have done many health & safety audits in different parts of world.

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