IS 14489:1998 Audit

BIS IS 14489:1998
Code Of Practice On Occupational Safety And Health Audit

To meet the growing awareness of safety in the industrial sector and introduction of various Acts for implementing directives of the statutory bodies, the need was felt to formulate this Indian Standard and was published in 1998 to provide a guideline to audit safety aspects in the industrial and other units of concern. This standard establishes audit objectives, criteria and practices, and provides guidelines for establishing, planning, conducting and documenting of audits on occupational health and safety systems at workplace. It provides guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of safety and health programs, verifying the availability and implementation of elements of occupational health and safety system and the system’s ability to achieve defined safety objectives.

The audit is carried out as per IS 14489 :1998 on "Code of Practice on Occupational Safety & Health Audit" to check the compliance with the Factories Act, 1948 and Rules for respective states, The Environmental Protection Act & Rules, the CEA Regulations, the Explosives Act & Rules and other important Indian Statutory requirements and Standards.

Elements of IS 14489 Standard

• Occupational Health and Safety Policy • OS&H organizational set up • Education and Training • Employees participation in OS&H Management • Motivational and Promotional measures for OS&H • Safety Manual and Rules • Compliance with Statutory Requirements • New Equipment review and inspection • Accident reporting analysis investigation and implementation and recommendations • Risk Assessment including hazard identification • Safety inspections • Health and safety improvement plan/targets • First aid facilities-Occupational health centre • Personal Protective Equipment • Good housekeeping • Machine and general area guarding • Material handling equipment • Electrical and Personal safeguarding • Ventilation, illumination and noise • Work environment monitoring system • Prevention of occupational diseases including periodic medical examination • Safe operating procedures • Work Permit systems • Fire Prevention, Protection and fighting systems • Emergency Preparedness plans (onsite/offsite) • Process Plant modification procedure • Transportation of hazardous substances • Hazardous waste treatment and disposal • Safety in storage and warehousing • Contractor safety systems • Safety for customers (including MSDS)

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