GMP Certification

GMP practices are recommended to safeguard the health of consumers and patients as well as producing good quality products. Every developed & developing country has its own GMP guideline but more or less all GMP guidelines are similar & there are different enforcement agencies to ensure proper implementation of GMP guidelines. GMP compliance is necessary for you to meet requirements of these agencies (if you are exporting your products globally). GMP certification audit by CDG will make you capable to meet requirements of GMP guidelines of different nations. Our GMP certificate is recognised in different countries worldwide. Contact us today for all your GMP needs.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices is a set of guidelines which defines ways to manufacture certain products (Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Products, Medical Devices & Packaging Material) under control conditions. These GMP conditions are related to product safety, hygiene, cleanliness, sanitation, clean room concept & concerned trainings. GMP includes requirements for building infrastructure, equipment’s & other resources including human resource.

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