Factory Compliance Audit

Factory compliance audit

'A Factory Compliance Audit' is very important for both buyer & supplier as well. It's critical to conduct a factory audit in India to identify underperforming current supplies as well as new potential suppliers. Until locking in any order, a factory audit is required in the long run, it will save you from possible catastrophe, financial loss, and business failure. Is your factory receiving negative feedback on its products? It's past time for you to recognize the flaws in the operating process and correct everything. Factory audits are one of the most effective ways to learn about your supplier's sourcing and operating practices and ensure that they are consistent with your company's image.

Why is it necessary to have a factory compliance audit in India?

When manufacturing in India, an audit is particularly necessary because Indian factories are more vulnerable to issues with facility safety, proper quality control measures, and overall social compliance than factories in most other manufacturing countries. To ensure that, the Factories Act has set some provisions for factories to follow.

The primary goal of the Factories Act is to ensure not only appropriate safety measures but also to encourage the health and welfare of factory workers. As a result, factory enforcement audits are performed to control safety, health, licensing, working hours, annual leave, minimum wages, and other factors in factories.

Purpose of a factory compliance audit

  • Via audits, corrective action plans/management, capacity building/monitoring, and training, the audits aim to improve brand safety, supply chain security, and subcontracting enforcement. Processes, protocols, and processes are designed to ensure that each member's confidential information is safeguarded at all times.
  • From raw materials to finished products, the audit ensures that suppliers and distributors follow stringent protocols and systems to ensure that the member's Intellectual Property is protected and that the chance of any violations is minimized.
  • This is intended to encourage healthy and reliable supply chain activities in the regions and factories from which the goods are sourced.

What is included in the factory compliance audit?

  • Analyzing factory's operating structure, systems, machine models, procedures, and quality control.
  • Regular performance tests, sensitive point information, machinery state, power supply, and transportation are all included.
  • A comment about the sampling system and its capability.
  • Information on the supply and sub-supply.
  • Analysis of the factory's production line, equipment, tools, storage areas, packaging areas, and other shops.
  • Having an organizational flow map and a manufacturing workflow chart for a plant.

Our expertise in 'Factory Compliance Audit'

In the field of factory compliance auditing, CDG has long been a market leader. Our factory compliance inspection service is specifically designed to meet a potential buyer's specifications. Anything from manufacturing capacities and quality management processes to staff facilities and working conditions is reviewed independently by our trained auditors. We go on location to gather the details you need to choose high-quality vendors. Factory audits will help you increase the efficiency of your supply chain while also lowering the risk of sourcing from India. With our experienced team, we will make this happen for you.

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