Construction Safety Audit

‘Construction Safety Audit’ is the most important thing for the safety of construction workers. It is a means to provide a Safe Work Environment to every construction worker. A construction safety audit is a review of a site's safety protocols and all the actions that are taken to prevent accidents/injury.

Construction safety audits are intended to assure that effective program elements are in place for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards that could adversely impact a company's human assets.

We are an ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency & we perform independent audits on construction sites across India. When we send our safety experts to your site, they’ll be looking at your workplace from a prevention basis. You’ll find us easy to get along with, adaptable, and willing to work with you as a partner in achieving your health and safety goals. Our expertise doesn’t isn’t limited to construction fields, it reaches into manufacturing and transportation as well.

Key Elements of a Workplace Safety Audit

  • Consistent regularity.
  • Competent and objective auditors.
  • Advanced preparation.
  • Thorough recordkeeping.
  • Perceptive data analysis.
  • Modern technology.

Our construction safety audit checklist encompasses the requirements of IS 14489, ISO 45001, OHSA & NBC requirements. Let us show you how much better your company can operate when you identify the weak spots for safety, make the necessary changes to your safety management plan, and is still a culture of safety throughout everything you do.

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